SONIA Artisan Crafted Romanian Blouse made from 100% Natural Silk.

Embrace Elegance With 'Sonia': An Artisan Crafted Romanian Blouse In 100% Natural Silk, Perfect For Versatile Styling And Timeless Luxury.

Discover The ‘Sonia,’ An Artisan Crafted Romanian Blouse From 100% Natural Silk. A Product Of Extensive Craftsmanship, This Black & White Blouse With Elegant Trimming Is A Luxurious Statement Of Style And Heritage. Its Creation, From Silkworm To Silk, Embodies A Year-Long Journey Of Meticulous Weaving. Ideal For Any Style, From Elegant To Casual Chic, It’S Customizable For A Perfect Fit. Wash Gently By Hand To Maintain Its Timeless Beauty.