IA ALBA IULIA – Artisanal Romanian Silk Blouse

Unveiling IA ALBA IULIA, an Elegant Artisanal Romanian Silk Blouse, a masterpiece of craftsmanship promising timeless wear. Meticulously handwoven, it offers a flawless silhouette with ample sleeves for a majestic look. Perfect for personalization, it’s a lifetime addition to your sophisticated wardrobe.

Introducing ALBA IULIA, an Artisanal Romanian Silk Blouse that encapsulates a journey of creation, from the nurturing of silkworms to the masterful weaving on traditional wooden looms. The process, spanning almost a year, reflects the metamorphosis from cocoon to cloth, with each 100cm of fabric embodying 16-20 hours of a craftsman’s dedicated labor.

This blouse is not merely clothing; it’s a rarity, a testament to the highest standards of craftsmanship, a piece intended to last a lifetime. The ALBA IULIA blouse, with its handmade silk, generous shape, and ample sleeves, is a paragon of simplicity meeting magnificence.

Should IA ALBA IULIA not be in stock, bespoke crafting takes up to four weeks. We invite personalization, offering custom fittings and a selection of colors to tailor this model to your individual measurements and style preferences.

As an attire, ALBA IULIA transforms any event into an extraordinary affair. Paired with strings of pearls and a skirt, whether pencil-cut, A-line, or grandly sweeping the floor, it guarantees a striking presence.

To preserve the unique beauty and integrity of this Artisanal Romanian Silk Blouse, we recommend a loving hand wash at no more than 30 degrees Celsius, followed by careful ironing.

Embrace the exquisite feel and timeless elegance of IA ALBA IULIA, a garment that transcends fashion to become an iconic element of your wardrobe.


medium/large, small/medium