ANANDA – Handmade Romanian Silk Dress, Artisanally Crafted with Loom-Woven Elegance

Embrace timeless beauty with ANANDA, a Handmade Romanian Silk Dress. Artisanally woven over a year, it offers a perfect blend of traditional silk craftsmanship and contemporary design, customizable in colors to enhance your unique style.

Discover ‘ANANDA’, a Handmade Romanian Silk Dress that embodies the essence of artisanal skill and timeless elegance. The creation of this rare and beautiful gown is a year-long process, beginning with the meticulous rearing of silkworms. This journey leads to the chrysalis stage, after which the silk cocoon is carefully unwound. The resulting shiny silk thread is then spun and expertly woven on a wooden loom, a testament to the dedication and expertise involved in its making. Each 100 cm of fabric represents a significant investment of time, requiring about 16-20 hours of weaving.

‘ANANDA’ is not just a dress; it’s a piece of art, reflecting the highest level of craftsmanship. This 100% handmade natural silk dress is designed to be a lifetime garment, showcasing the union of traditional techniques with modern design sensibilities.

Upon order, ‘ANANDA’ can be customized in various color combinations to suit your personal style. Its maintenance is straightforward, involving gentle washing and silk-temperature ironing.

The dress features a 120 cm wide upper part, an adjustable waist on the cord, free hips, and a hem circumference of around 20 cm, complemented by 67 cm sleeves. This ensures a flattering fit for a variety of body types, making ‘ANANDA’ a versatile and stunning addition to any wardrobe.

Weight999 g
Dimensions145 × 120 × 67 cm

Cristina Niculescu


Anda Ene


medium/large, small/medium