IA CARMEN – Romanian Silk Woven Blouse, Transylvanian Style with Modern Elegance

IA CARMEN is more than a Romanian Silk Woven Blouse; it’s a luxurious blend of tradition and style, handcrafted from natural silk. A statement of elegance with its modern Transylvanian design and delicate black and gold patterns, it’s tailored to perfection upon request.

Introducing CARMEN, a Romanian Silk Woven Blouse that encapsulates the essence of luxurious tradition and meticulous craftsmanship. This 100% handmade natural silk garment is the culmination of an almost year-long process, from the careful rearing of silkworms to the masterful unwinding of silk cocoons and the spinning of glistening threads on a wooden loom. It’s a process where every 100 cm of fabric is a testament to 16-20 hours of devoted weaving.

The story of IA CARMEN is rooted in the ancient art of silk weaving, creating a piece that is both amazingly rare and exceptionally crafted. With a nod to traditional Transylvanian style, our design modernizes the classic with a lowered neckline that graces the shoulders, showcasing the fluidity and lightness of the woven silk. This blouse is a true statement, with its oversized flutter sleeves, frilly cuffs, and a stunning silhouette that features discreet inserts of black and gold patterns against the sheer white backdrop of the handmade silk.

When IA CARMEN is not readily available in stock, we honor the bespoke tradition by offering you the choice to order it in your preferred color combinations, crafted within 21 days. This Romanian Silk Woven Blouse is not just a piece of clothing; it’s a wearable work of art, easy to maintain with gentle hand-washing and silk-specific ironing. ‘CARMEN’ is a celebration of heritage, a garment designed to elevate any wardrobe with its unique story and undeniable grace.

Easy to maintain: hand-wash gently and iron (silk temperature).

Lenghth from neckline to hem: 52 cm
Off-the-shoulder line:80 cm
Width:116 cm
Sleeve: 65 cm


medium/large, small/medium


Anda Ene


Cristina Niculescu