IA COCO RED – Fine Cotton, Romanian Handmade Ancestral Embroidered Top with Red Sequins

Made of very fine cotton, IA COCO RED is a classic model that originated from the Muntenia region. The “roaster crest” ancestral motif is the main symbol of the embroidery structure that is rigorously geometric and highlighted by a shimmering rain of red sequins.  The garment is assembled also by hand, with delicate finishing in point de couture.

Experience the elegance of IA COCO RED – our Romanian Handmade Ancestral Embroidered Top .

Crafted from ultra-fine cotton and originating from the Muntenia region, this top boasts a classic design enriched with a traditional ‘rooster crest’ motif. The embroidery, geometrically precise and adorned with a cascade of red sequins, exemplifies skilled craftsmanship. Each garment is meticulously assembled by hand, featuring delicate point de couture finishes.

IA COCO RED is not just a garment but a statement piece. Its complex stitch patterns and striking design ensure you stand out on any occasion. It pairs seamlessly with elegant trousers for a sophisticated look or can be dressed down with jeans or a vibrant bohemian skirt, complementing the top’s vivid hues.

For care, hand wash at a maximum of 30 degrees Celsius to maintain its exquisite appearance.

Whether you choose to iron it or enjoy its natural texture, IAA COCO RED is a testament to the beauty and heritage of Romanian craftsmanship.


medium/large, small/medium