Code of symbols

These geometric figures are part of a sacred geometry and their specific vibrations are associated with symbols.

The triangle increases the energy of what is inside. An upside-down triangle represents the feminine, while de masculine points up. It represents the Trinity: the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit in Christianity, the three principals of action, reaction and neutrality. It enables the three plans whereupon the world is organized: physical, mind and spirit.


The square is stability. It represents earth, both solid and durable, wholeness and the totality of material existence. This form includes the four cardinal points and the four seasons, the four elements: earth, water, air, fire. The square ground turned into heavenly circle. The square, with its four cardinal points of material existence are transformed into dimensionless circle of existence outside of space and time, in eternity.


The circle is the universal symbol, the world seen and unseen, the whole and the void. It is the Supreme Being, symbolizing balance, birth, growth, transition, and rebirth.

Rhombus is the symbol of the spirit, creation, life and fertility. It was said that focusing on the image of a rhombus helps procreation and removes the obstacles that prevent pregnancy. The peaks represent the ends of the diamond cross, which is treated, and the cross is a power generator that aligns and balances the body’s energy.

Five-pointed star
Five –pointed star (Pentagram) placed upside down represents the perfect man and has the effect of strengthening the body. It is the symbol of high aspiration and spiritual growth. It represents strength, mobility and adaptability. If the tip is up, it represents the head in relationship with the Divine, while the other four peaks represent the members. The bottom signifies the relationship with the Earth. If the star is placed upside down, it is related to witchcraft.

Six-pointed star
It is believed that the six-pointed star provides protection and establishes a good connection between emotional, mental and physical states. This sign has a very strong healing effect. The star is made up of two triangles, one sitting upside down and the other pointing down. The man represents the fire and the sky, while the second triangle symbolize the woman, with her characteristic elements of water and earth. These two units, combined, illustrate the perfect polarity of energies. The vibrations generated by this sign it is believed bring luck, health, beauty, and love. Star image is recommended for tutoring.

Seven-pointed star
Seven-pointed star has the gift of energy as chakras align. Focusing on its image helps in banishing diseases.

Source: Romulus Popescu/


Other symbols stitched on the Romanian ia blouse

The solar disc, circle, spiral and angles suggest light and eternity.
Hands on hips is a specific feminine sign and represents the power of seduction.

Ram’s horns symbolize male energy, mainly virility.

Hooks shepherd is formed from two opposite spirals but linked to better express contact and polarity: end-beginning, good-bad, lost-found, light-dark, distraction-renewal, … suggesting an indefinite balance.

Tree signifies life, wisdom, and renewal.
Colors- Most widely used colors were red, black, white, and gold. Red protects human health, releases suffering, and ensures longevity. The people from lowlands use the colors green and gold, those living in the highlands mostly used red, grey and brown. The married and elderly women would wear toned-down colors, while the younger would wear bright colors. Read in the following SOURCE FOR INSPIRATION