IA MAGIC DOLLS – Hand-sewn Romanian Blouse, Transylvanian Embroidery with Playful Doll Motifs

Step into the playful charm of ‘IA Magic Dolls’, a hand-sewn Romanian blouse with a unique dolls motif from Transylvania. This ethereal white cotton ‘ia’ brings joy with its fixed embroidered neckline, blue tassels, and a touch of whimsy, perfect with any outfit. Handcrafted on request, it’s a delightful blend of tradition and carefree style.

Introducing ‘IA Magic Dolls’, a handcrafted marvel from the rich tapestry of Romanian tradition. This blouse, affectionately known as ‘ia’, is a testament to the enduring art of hand-sewing, featuring the charming ‘dolls’ motif—a pattern steeped in the ancient heritage of the ethnographically abundant region of Tinutul Padurenilor, or The Land of Foresters, in Transylvania.

Each stitch on the sheer white cotton fabric is a whisper of history, a celebration of culture that has been passed down through generations. The ‘IA Magic Dolls’ comes with a beautifully embroidered fixed neckline, adorned with blue ties and playful tassels that underscore its ludic spirit. The doll symbols, meticulously stitched throughout, are not just decorative elements but are imbued with the intention to impart joy and a sense of playful energy to anyone who wears the blouse.

Designed to be versatile, ‘IA Magic Dolls’ pairs flawlessly with casual jeans or shorts, and complements wide or pencil-colored trousers for a more dressed-up look. It’s a piece that promises to bring a touch of whimsy to your wardrobe.

In the event ‘IA Magic Dolls’ is not immediately available, or should you wish to select a different color combination, we offer the service to handcraft this piece especially for you within 14-20 days. Maintenance is a breeze—simply hand wash gently and iron at cotton temperature, or embrace its beauty in a naturally wrinkled state. This blouse is hand-finished with needlework that showcases the unmatched skill of cotton embroidery.


medium/large, small/medium


Anda Ene