IA SONIA – Artisan Crafted Romanian Blouse 100% Natural Silk, Black & White with Trimming

Discover an Artisan Crafted Romanian Blouse from 100% Natural Silk. A product of extensive craftsmanship, this black & white blouse with elegant trimming is a luxurious statement of style and heritage. Its creation, from silkworm to silk, embodies a year-long journey of meticulous weaving. Ideal for any style, from elegant to casual chic, it’s customizable for a perfect fit. Wash gently by hand to maintain its timeless beauty.

Introducing IA SONIA, an Artisan Crafted Romanian Blouse made from 100% Natural Silk, representing a rare epitome of highest craftsmanship and durability. This black and white blouse, accentuated with elegant black trimming, is a lifetime garment that tells a unique story. The journey of this exquisite blouse begins with the silkworms, carefully reared until they reach the chrysalis stage. Then, the silk cocoon is delicately unwound, and the shiny silk thread is spun and woven on a wooden loom. Every 100cm of fabric represents 16-20 hours of dedicated weaving by skilled Romanian craftsmen.

The SONIA blouse is not just a piece of clothing; it’s a testament to a year-long metamorphosis process from silkworm to silk blouse. It is customizable upon request, tailored to your desired measurements and color preferences, and crafted within 4 weeks if not in stock.

IA SONIA is more than a blouse; it’s an empowering statement piece for any woman, regardless of personality, age, body type, or personal style.

It’s versatile enough for a chic casual look or an elegant silk ensemble, perfect with pencil trousers, skirts, wide pantaloons, or floor-length skirts.

To maintain its exquisite quality, wash it with love by hand at a maximum of 30 degrees Celsius and iron as needed. Embrace the luxury and timeless elegance of the ‘SONIA,’ an Artisan Crafted Romanian Blouse made from 100% Natural Silk.


medium/large, small/medium