STELLA – Handmade Romanian Silk Dress, Artisan Crafted with Traditional Loom Woven Fabric

Experience the elegance of STELLA, a Handmade Romanian Silk Dress, artfully crafted over a year from silkworm to loom. This exquisite dress combines ancient weaving techniques with modern elegance, offering both bespoke customization and effortless grace for any occasion.

Discover STELLA, a Handmade Romanian Silk Dress that epitomizes the artistry of traditional silk making. Each garment begins its journey a year prior, tracing the life cycle of silkworms from their rearing to the chrysalis stage. The silk cocoon is then carefully unwound, and the lustrous silk thread is expertly spun and woven on a wooden loom. This process is a labor of love, with each 100 cm of fabric representing 16-20 hours of intricate weaving.

STELLA is a rarity in the realm of fashion, showcasing the highest level of craftsmanship. This dress blends timeless tradition with contemporary design, offering a piece that is both distinctly feminine and steeped in rich cultural heritage. The fabric itself is a celebration of ancient silk-making traditions.

Upon ordering, STELLA can be customized in different sizes and color combinations to suit your preferences. The dress is not only stunning but also practical, with easy maintenance involving gentle washing and silk-temperature ironing.

Handwoven on the loom, STELLA requires 21 days of meticulous crafting.

With a length of 145 cm, a 120 cm wide upper part, adjustable waist, free hips, and a 220 cm hem circumference, alongside 67 cm sleeves, it is designed to offer both elegance and comfort.

Weight330 g
Dimensions145 × 120 cm

medium/large, small/medium


Cristina Niculescu


Anda Ene