The Astrakhan Cape Coat – Elegant Black with Fantasy Brooch

Discover our hip-length Astrakhan sheepskin coat, a blend of elegance and style, adorned with a fantasy brooch. Custom sizes available.

The Astrakhan Cape Coat is a statement of elegance and style, blending classic cool with contemporary fashion. Crafted from luxurious black Astrakhan sheepskin, this hip-length coat exudes sophistication. Its distinct texture and rich appearance make it a standout piece in any wardrobe.

The coat can be personalized with a unique fantasy brooch, adding an element of whimsy and flair. This decorative touch not only enhances the coat’s visual appeal but also allows for individual expression.

For those seeking a coordinated look, pairing the coat with a matching Astrakhan hat is recommended. The hat, like the coat, can be adorned with a fantasy brooch, creating a harmonious and chic ensemble. This combination elevates the overall aesthetic, making it perfect for high-fashion events or elegant outings.

The coat is available in size M, with precise measurements to ensure a perfect fit. It boasts a length of 50 cm, providing ample coverage while maintaining a stylish silhouette. The width is a generous 115 cm, allowing for comfortable movement and a relaxed fit. The sleeves measure 40 cm, designed to offer ease and flexibility.

Understanding the importance of individuality in fashion, bespoke measures are offered upon order. This service ensures that each coat is tailored to the wearer’s specific measurements, providing a truly personalized and exclusive garment.

The creation of this custom-made natural fur coat is an intricate process, taking up to three weeks. This time is dedicated to crafting a garment of the highest quality, with attention to every detail, from the selection of the finest Astrakhan sheepskin to the final stitches. The result is a coat that is not only a piece of clothing but a work of art, reflecting the wearer’s taste and elegance.

Coat Sizes

Length: 50 cm, M, Sleeve: 40 cm, Width: 115 cm


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