IA MIMOSE – Handmade Romanian Silk Blouse, Exquisite Lifetime Craftsmanship

Embrace timeless elegance with IA MIMOSE, a Handmade Romanian Silk Blouse crafted from a year-long labor of love. Perfectly customizable for a lifetime of style, it’s ideal for both chic and casual looks. Care for it gently to maintain its artisanal beauty

Discover the IA MIMOSE, a Handmade Romanian Silk Blouse, where every thread tells a story of transformation and dedication. The journey of this magnificent blouse begins a year prior, marking the time-honored metamorphosis from silkworm to silk fabric. It starts with the meticulous rearing of silkworms, progressing through to the chrysalis stage, followed by the unwinding of silk cocoons. The resulting lustrous threads are then spun and intricately woven on wooden looms, a process in which a mere 100 cm of fabric represents 16-20 hours of a Romanian craftsman’s skilled labor.

This blouse is not just a garment; it’s a rarity, reflecting the pinnacle of artisanal expertise and commitment to creating a product that lasts a lifetime. If the MIMOSE is not readily available in stock, it takes up to 2 weeks to handcraft this bespoke item. Further embracing the spirit of individuality, we offer customization in size and a palette of colors or color combinations to suit your personal style.

To style the IA MIMOSE, pair it for elegance with a pencil skirt or perfectly tailored cotton trousers, or choose silk pants for a look of understated luxury. For a casual yet chic ensemble, match it with jeans or jacquard bottoms, layering with an open cashmere sweater on cooler days.

Care for your Handmade Romanian Silk Blouse with a gentle hand wash in water no warmer than 30 degrees Celsius and iron to perfection. ‘MIMOSE’ is a celebration of heritage and modern craftsmanship, a versatile and enduring addition to your fashion repertoire.




medium/large, small/medium

Craft / Materials

100% handmade natural silk